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Why Does My Windows PC Keep Restarting Randomly?

Imaging working on an important document or playing your favourite video game when – boom – your computer suddenly starts restarting. Annoying and frustrating, isn’t it? This might be a multitude of reasons, ranging from a random system bug to more serious problems your PC might be having. We decided to list some of the more common causes or random reboots. However, we also wish to emphasise the fact that the reboots can indicate by a serious software or hardware issue. If your computer constantly restarts, we recommend that abstain from solving that issue yourself and contact us at Fix My Home Computer Repairs. Our computer technicians can swiftly identify and solve the problem that is causing the reboots. Now, onto the possible reasons.


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Software Errors

Ever since the dawn of time (which happens to be the release of Windows XP) Windows has had an in-built algorithm to restart every time whenever a system error occurs. This keeps your system and your data safe and usually isn’t a serious problem. It’s a built-in safety mechanism, after all. However, if the Windows restarts very frequently, this might mean that there a constant error occurring in your system. In this case, we recommend consulting a computer repairs specialist, such as us at Fix My Home Computer.


Why You Should Have Experts Look into Your Computer’s BIOS’ Problems

The BIOS (basic input/output system) is a vital part of a computer. It is a pre-installed program used to start up the computer. When the BIOS is started up, it ensures all attachments are in its place and then loads the operating system to the RAM afterward.

It is a program in a computer’s microprocessor that ensures all parts of the computer function together so data flow within the OS is well-managed. It is also responsible for ensuring your printer communicates properly with your computer, checking if the right port is used. If you notice that your printer is not working, printer repair may involve the BIOS.

Computer Bios Fix

Some of the functions of the computer’s BIOS include:

1. Ensures that all compartments are working as well as other devices attached to the computer after the RAM and (more…)