Dental Seo Company – How To Reach More Patients Online 

Digital Marketing is the golden marketing tactic in the 21st century. Dentists are also leveraging digital marketing tactics to promote their practices online. 


You might have re-designed your website. Planned a content marketing strategy. Put together a social media marketing plan. But still not getting enough clients? You need to re-think your dentist SEO. 

Without applying seo marketing for dentists, your creative marketing efforts might go unnoticed. 


Your marketing outreach must be optimized for the search engines. How?


SEO for dentists.


What is SEO for dentists?


Patients use search engines to book an appointment with the dentist. So, your practice needs to come up in the first three searches to get a click. Whether you are an experienced dental practitioner or a newly graduated dentist, you’ll need to apply dentist SEO to get new clients and maintain the existing ones. 


Let’s take a look at this scenario to understand how SEO for dentists work

John, residing in Sydney, is looking for a dentist. He will type “best dentists in Sydney.” The search results are going to come up like this-


You need your website to be in these top 3-4 results to get a click. However, Google has now become more complex. Now the results look like this-


Therefore you need to have a strong SEO game to rank at the top of SERPs. SEO techniques help your website to rank better on the SERPs. 


Why Is Dentist SEO Important For Your Practice?


Have you visited the 2nd page of Google search results? No. You get so much information on the first page that you don’t need to go to the second page.


The same rules apply to your patients. When your patients are looking for a dentist online, Google feeds them with enough information on the first page. Therefore 95% of your clients will not visit the 2nd page. 


If your website is not on the first page, then all your marketing investments and creative efforts become futile. Your clients won’t even know about the existence of your website. 


What does a Dental SEO Company do?


Unsure how to rank at the top? Dental SEO company has got your back. A dental SEO company offers you dental SEO services to rank your page at the top of the search results. Your marketing efforts get noticed, and you get more clients. 


But before you hire a dental SEO company, you need to understand how SEO works. This will help you to align your marketing objectives better and have maximum benefits.


Google search algorithm determines various parameters to rank a website- keyword analysis, website page speed, bounce rate, meta description, title tags, etc. 


Dental SEO services help you optimize these parameters for search engines to pick up your website and display it as the top results. 


SEO Marketing For Dentists-Techniques


Dental SEO services use different techniques to optimize your website. Understanding these techniques will help you to choose the right dental SEO company


Use Relevant Keywords


Keywords are primary techniques for SEO. Sprinkle keywords in your website and webpages for optimization.


When a patient visits a dentist, he/she is looking for a specific service. Similarly, while searching online, they don’t just look for dentists. They look for certain services like root canals, teeth whitening, dental exams for kids, etc.  


Use long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords have easy competition and significant search volumes. Examples of long-tail keywords-


  • Cavity treatment services in [area] 
  • Best teeth whitening services [city]
  • Dentist for routine dental examination near me


Don’t limit your website to generic keywords. Use the services you provide or the procedures you perform as keywords.
For Example-

  • Porcelain crown,
  • Broken tooth repair
  • Dental cleaning
  • Laser gum treatment
  • Tooth extraction
  • Dental cosmetic treatment


Apply Local SEO for dentists


When searching for a medical service, people look for local practices and clinics. You may miss massive traffic if you are not tagging certain geographic areas. Add the site of your clinics, nearby clinics in your website content. 


You can even add locations to URLs and page titles to improve local dentist SEO


Local SEO services enlist your practice on Google maps and local online directories. This improves your ranking in local searches. 


Build a dedicated blog section


Sometimes your patient looks for information. Your personal brand value increases when you impart knowledge to your patients. One way to do it is through blogging. When you write about topics related to your practice, you get large traffic coming to your website. 


The increased traffic can help you to improve the ranking of your website. 


Get backlinks to your website.


Earning links improves the credibility of your website. When it comes to SEO for dentists, backlinks are great tools to improve your rankings. You can do guest blogging for renowned bloggers and leading industry partners. You can request them you feature your content. 


Dental SEO services help you to create quality blogs with proper keyword placement to generate maximum traffic. 


Dental SEO Company to Reach More Patients Online


Now that you have understood how dentist SEO works, you might want to get started. Shortlist dental SEO services that use all the techniques to optimize your website for the search engines. Most professional dental SEO services have affordable plans tailored to your requirement.


For dentists, managing SEO alongside their practice can be a hectic job. Don’t let the complexity of dental SEO overwhelm you. Let the SEO experts help you.