How to Change Linksys RE6300 Extender Default Password

Your Linksys RE6300 extender’s security is extremely important. This is the reason why the manufacturer of the device offers password security to keep away intruders or unknown people. In the event if you are not using the security wisely, your WiFi and your networking devices might be in danger. At times, when using Linksys RE6300 wireless range extender, users face issues while setting up the password or network key. Let us make you familiar with all your Linksys RE6300 WiFi extender password-related issues. Let’s read!

What is the default password and username (SSID) of Linksys WiFi extender and how you can find them?

Your extender comes with a default admin username and password that help you with a hassle-free Linksys RE6300 setup. These default login credentials are usually printed on the back of your device or you can also find them on Linksys extender manual. When you log in to via an internet browser, you need to provide the default login credentials in order to activate your account.

Once the account gets activated and the connection is established successfully between your router and Linksys extender, you need to change the default login credentials. Emerging cyber-attack techniques threaten connected devices worldwide and may let hackers: steal your password, infiltrate private photos, emails, documents, and steal your identity. In order to prevent this, change the default RE6300 password right after or during the Linksys extender installation process.

Tip: We suggest that you connect your Linksys WiFi range extender to your existing router via an Ethernet cable. Besides, you can also use a WiFi connection for connecting your devices with each other.

Changing the password during the Linksys installation process

When you log in to, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to setup Linksys extender. Once you provide the default Linksys extender login credentials, you can change the password or network key on the next screen. Now, you can connect your WiFi extender with your router and enjoy the extended range of the internet all over the house.

Tip: Do not use birthdates or nicknames as passwords. Besides, avoid using mobile or account number. If you want help creating a strong password, ask for help from our technicians anytime.

Changing the password after the Linksys Extender Installation process

In case you choose to change the password/ network or the security key when the Linksys extender setup is completed, you can easily do that after logging in to RE6300 and then following the steps given below:

Head towards the working wall outlet in your home and plug your Linksys RE6300 extender into it. Consider placing your Linksys extender near your WiFi router at the center of your house.

  • After plugging in your Linksys WiFi extender, you will see that the power LED on your RE6300 has started blinking. Wait for it to become stable.
  • Log into extender by opening an internet browser on your computer, laptop or tablet.
    Provide the existing Linksys extender login details.
  • Click on Administration.
  • Enter your new password in the Extender Password field. Re-enter to confirm.

Here, you can change the default login credentials as you want. Make sure you select a password or passphrase that is strong, containing different upper cases, lower cases, symbols, and numerals. You must remember the Linksys extender password but it should be very hard to guess by others.

The Final Words

On the off chance if you find any difficulty while changing the RE6300 login credentials or visiting extender linksys com web address, contact professionals any time of the day or night through the comments section.

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