Virus Removal

Mobile Computer Virus and Spyware removal is the most common computer repair service encountered by the technicians at Fix It – Home Computer Repairs Brisbane. Computer viruses can be very harmful to your computer system, root files, and various program files, and are one of the toughest do-it-yourself computer repairs. A computer virus or spyware will increase the risk of hacker threats and attacks, and allow unauthorized downloads to your computer. Computers with a virus can become highly unstable, and will become more and difficult to use over time. The goals of a virus are extremely dangerous and include identity theft, browser hijacking, usage tracking, email spamming, and bot network activity. They can also be very annoying by displaying pop ups and ads every time you visit a website.

How Do I know that I have a virus on my machine?
Fix It Home Computer Repairs Brisbane usually finds the following issues may happen on your computer if it is infected by any type of Viruses. Symptoms: Slow computer, pop-up windows, desktop background changed, frequent error messages, computer fails to start up properly, internet pages wont load, Windows task bar (start bar) is gone, browser gets redirected to other pages when surfing the internet, computer has low disk space, and not being able to view anti-virus Webpages, or install any antivirus software.

Ok… I think I have a virus, what do I do?
Fix It Home Computer Repairs Brisbane offers a thorough virus and spyware removal service. It is recommended within this time that you use your computer as little as possible as. We first diagnose the specific virus infecting your computer, identifying the security level of the threat. A comprehensive cleaning is then performed, removing the virus and spyware files from your computer. This service includes a comprehensive registry scan and critical system file check along with the virus and spyware removal service. Viruses, although very tricky can be fixed by us usually within 1 hour, due to the amount of experience that we have had in the past in relation to viruses. Furthermore, we can also teach you about how the virus came to be on your computer as well as steps you can do to prevent viruses from returning on your computer in the future.