Data Recovery

Do you have a hard drive that you cannot read, has been formatted or is in an old system that does not run anymore, but you need that data? We have had a lot of success in recovering data in those situations. Data Recovery at Fix It Home Computer Repair Brisbane is capped at 3 hours total. Other companies will charge you an arm and a leg if they know that data is valuable for you. Usually companies will say it will only cost a small amount at first to get people’s business however once they have your hard drive they generally charge a lot more, and know that you’re in a situation where you have no other option but to pay it.

Fix It Home Computer Repair Brisbane are noticing that more and more of their jobs are to do with Hard drives crashing on customers as well as data corruption. This is specifically a big worry because more and more customers are putting their valuable data such as photos, music as well as documents on their computer. EVERY hard drive will eventually crash, it’s just a matter of when. Fix It Home computer Repairs Brisbane can recovery over 90% of failed hard drives if the drive is spinning up. If the drive is not spinning up Fix It Home Computer Repairs can use one of their partners to provide data recovery because it usually has to be physically taken apart in a forensic lab. If you are unsure of whether or not your drive is spinning up please contact Fix It Home Computer Repairs Brisbane for information on how to determine this.

Fix It Home Computer Repair Brisbane always believes that prevention is always better than cure. Usually on most visits, if the customer expresses they have a lot of data on their hard drive, we offer backup solutions that are completely free and don’t involve buying a new hard drive or any pricey software. Backing up your data in the cloud is the way of the future. When data is backed up to the cloud, what it means, is that it is stored on a company’s computer which is encrypted and password protected. If something did happen to your computer, you could just login to another computer and after typing in your email address and password, all your valuable data can then be downloaded upon your command to the new computer. This makes it especially useful and handy if you also need to access your data away from home. With so many Cloud options out there which charge however, Fix It Home Computer Repair Brisbane can provide you with the best ones to choose so that it doesn’t cost you a cent. These backup solutions also work by themselves and don’t involve you having to do anything to ensure that it is properly backedup. Pretty much these methods are fail safe for you!