We Do Computer Repairs, Laptop Repairs and Mac Repairs in Brisbane

Get your computer repaired by a Microsoft Certified Professional or a Dedicated Apple Technician! We have more 5 star reviews than any other computer repair company or store in Brisbane and have been on Channel 9 News.
Most repairs are completed within 24 hours.


(07) 3155-2051
No extra surcharge for weekends or public holidays
Early or late availability
Your house, your home office, remote support, drop-off available

No Surcharge for weekends and public holidays
*Including GST, No call-out Fees!

Remote Support

Did you know that some computer problems can be fixed remotely? This option is usually only available as long as your computer boots and you have an Internet connection. As long as we don't have to physically open up your machine, we can do everything remotely from removing viruses to fixing up annoying error messages. Also with remote, we usually do it in the same day.

Drop My Computer Off

If you are near one of our service centres, you can usually drop a machine off to us. This can be a cheaper alternative if there are tests that need to be done, as we usually cap it at around the 3-hour mark. We sometimes can service machines the same day if you choose to drop it off to us.

Onsite Service

Our hourly rate of $110 is highly competitive and, unlike most other companies, we don't charge a call-out fee. Usually, if your computer is not loading, there is an Internet problem or a hardware problem and you have a fair idea what it's about without the need for a lot of diagnostics, this is your way to go!

  • Laptop Screen Smashed or a nothing on screen?
  • Apple Mac Book or iMac not turning on?
  • Keyboard Not working / keys Missing?
  • Laptop is not powering on?
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Computer Slow or Have Viruses?

We are the experts

In The Media

See our Lead Technician/Owner, Robert Krajnyk
being interviewed on Channel 9 news about speeding up your computer/Internet.

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Our Services

Computer Repairs

Computers are bound to need a few repairs after awhile due to the usual wear and tear. But no need to fret! Get Computer Repair can provide any repairs that your computer needs. We will have your computer up and running in no time!

Mac Repairs

If your Mac is in need of immediate services or repairs, there’s no need to panic! Get Computer Repair offers all repairs and services for every Apple Mac device in existence. Give us a call and we will make sure that your Mac is at its best performance when we give it back to you!

Laptop Repairs

Laptops offer their users with a lot of convenience for people, especially for those who are always on the go. But a broken laptop? Not so convenient. If you need repairs and services for your laptop or notebook, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Speed up your Computer

Your computer’s overall performance is affected by several factors. Whether it’s a hardware or software issue that’s causing your computer to slow down, rest assured that we will able to identify the problem and provide the best solution.

Computer Upgrades

If you want better computer specs but are not quite willing to buy a brand new computer just yet? A computer upgrade is the best option for you. We can upgrade a hardware part or install a new operating system on your computer.

Malware Removal

A computer that’s infected with a virus or another malicious software is a computer that is very much at risk. If your computer is showing symptoms of a malware infection, you should have it checked by a professional right away. Give us a call!

Internet Security

Connecting your computer to the Internet can expose your computer to a lot of potential threats. We can make that your computer is equipped with the proper software and settings to keep your computer safe from the dangers of the Internet.

File Recovery

Accidentally deleted your files? No need to panic! Experienced professionals like us may still be able to retrieve your files. We will also make sure that you never lose any files in the future.

Hardware Installation

Installing new hardware isn’t always an easy task. By hiring an expert, you are assured that the hardware is properly and safely installed. Free yourself of the hassle and hire one of our experts to do it for you!

Email Setup

Having an email in this day and age is more of a necessity than just a convenience. If you don’t have an e-mail yet or need help with setting up a new one, we can help!

Network Setup

Having a network is an easy way to share files and devices with other computers. Networks are not only beneficial for businesses but for residences as well!

Help With Setting Up a New Device

Buying yourself a brand new device for your computer is an exciting experience. On the other hand, setting it up may not be so fun. With our help, you don’t need to worry about getting into the techy details of setting up your device!

Help With Setting Up a New Computer

Getting yourself a brand new computer can be such an overwhelming experience. You then have to go through the process of setting up an account, deciding what programs you need, and more. Good thing you don’t have to do all that on your own!

Software Installation

You don’t need to stress over choosing the right software. If you want a certain software that’s a bit too pricey, we can provide you with popular software alternatives that are more affordable! If you already have a chosen software, we can do the installation for you.

Computer Maintenance

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PC Health Check

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New Computer Setup

We'll help you setup your new computer and transfer any old file across. We can also bring the start button back to windows 8.


PC Health Check

A Pre-determined set of general housekeeping tasks we perform on your computer to improve overall performance and stability.


Network Setup

If you have problems with your broadband internet, wireless or wired network or simply need assistance setting up a new broadband installation or network, we can help.


Computer Upgrade

Upgrade your computer hardware for increased performance. A memory upgrade and harddrive upgrade begins a huge performance boost.


Computer Maintenance

Brisbane IT help? An IT technician will remedy those annoying error messages and fix those nagging issues that you're unable to solve yourself. No Fix - No Fee!.


Windows Reinstallation

Bring your computer back to life with a full factory restore. Useful when your machine is too slowto use or has significant issues that aren't easily resolvable.


Data Recovery Service

Deleted a file by accident or migrating to a new machine. We can recover data from most computers and devices including iPods, iPhones, Hard Drives & memory cards..


Virus & spyware Removal

We'll clean your computer from those internet nasties that spy on your personal data and cause havoc with our system.



We Do Computer and Laptop Repairs in Brisbane - and WE DO IT Well!

With more 5 star reviews than any other computer repair Company in the greater Brisbane Area, we are your one stop Shop for Computer Repairs or anything Tech Related.  From North Lakes to Logan all the way out to Ipswich - we have a technician near you that is usually available on the same day!
  • Local Aussie guy who's been in the IT field since 1994
  • Previous experience for the biggest IT company in the world so I know how they work and I can offer you more personalised service
  • Microsoft Certified Professional, which means that I’m familiar with windows and how it works
  • I prefer offering customers free alternatives to software as opposed to expensive software, saving you money! There is always a free version of some program out there.
  • If I can't find a way to fix your problem or a satisfactory solution the service is on me
  • Times to suite you, Early or late with no extra or complicated fees (check my about page for what my competitors charge) Also no extra cost for weekend, public holidays, or late nights
  • I don’t mark up prices on parts. I sell to you for the exact same wholesale cost that I get them for. Some computer companies will mark up prices by 100%
  • I have a flat hourly charge, with the majority of problems solved within 1 hour. Just because the hourly rate is cheaper does not mean I am any less experienced.
  • If you’re a customer of mine, feel free to call me up for free advice with computers and upgrades without a charge. I look after my clients and most of my business comes from referrals
  • For Tuition purposes I have tools to record what I do on your screen along with my voice, so instead of writing down step by step instructions or getting confused about how to do something after I leave, you can just watch the video that I recorded
  • Have a business? I can help you advertise it on Google adwords or get a website designed with graphics and logo for ¼ of the cost of what you would pay in Australia.
  • Still unsure, check out the Find us on Facebook for my latest reviews!