Features of A Good POS for A Company with Brick and Mortar and Online Stores

If you are a company that transacts with a wide variety of customers, it is critical that you have an excellent point of sale app. The trending behavior of companies today is that they are integrating, linking their brick and mortar stores to their websites. This, therefore, calls for a customizable POS app that is capable of integrating with other plugins. It is also important to know that customers have certain expectations when buying from you in terms of how they are able to pay. However, you should know that integration is only possible if your POS app can accommodate these changes. Other features of a good POS app should include the following:

Compatibility with a wide variety of POS products

In most cases when companies are integrating, they usually have already existing ways of collecting cash. Whether it is a barcode reader, smartcard reader or ever a cash register, your app should be compatible. The significance of integration is that your existing company is linked with an online version of the same type of transactions that you take in your brick and mortar locations. However, you also have the choice of using compatible POS devices if the ones you have are not compatible with the POS app of your choice.

Fast checkout process

Speed is one of the things that customers consider when shopping online. That is why many companies have responsive websites which load fast on phones and computers. Additionally, the checkout process is one of the most sensitive phases of online shopping. The moment a customer has finished loading products to their shopping cart, the next thing they expect is to check out swiftly. One mistake that some companies make is that they create additional dialogue pages before a customer finally lands on the checkout page. What they fail to acknowledge is that the checkout process should be as fast and as straightforward as possible. Ideally, your checkout page should be a single page that fits on the screen.

Support various currencies

Since you are most likely to have customers from one country, ecommerce requires you to favor your customers as much as possible. That is why you will realize that some websites are selling products on their sites using local currency even if they are in a different country. This way, customers find it easy to look for products and purchase without having to calculate exchange rates. The calculations involved in converting currencies also limit some of your customers who don’t understand the conversion process and may be frustrated and abandon their cart.

A flexible inventory management system

With POS, you should know that your inventory is affected directly. That is why when choosing a POS app, you need to make sure that you pick one with a flexible inventory management system. You should also understand that the longer your business is active, the higher the chances are of your inventory changing. Instead of having to find another application to suit your new inventory, you should keep in mind that you only need one POS for the rest of the life of your company. Impacts of switching to a new POS app especially after integration can be risky to your business.

Accept more than one payment method

During integration, the POS usually is the main focus point. That is because integrations call for your business to be able to accept payment from your online customers as well as the customers walking into your brick and mortar store. With a great POS, you will be able to bring your customers under one roof where they can all enjoy uninterrupted and seamless services.


It is crucial that you do all it takes to secure the future of your company. For e-commerce, proper research is the only way to secure a future for your business. You should also know that there are no limitations to what e-commerce tools you can access as long as you can afford it.

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