How To Block Any Website On Your Computer And Mobile

There are several reasons why you would want your computer to block some websites. Some websites can spread viruses, contain explicit content, or even try to steal personal information from you. While you might well be more than capable of preventing these websites, for anyone who uses your computer, that is not so. It may be best to block such websites in certain situations. There are many ways to block a website on the computer and mobile. Only on particular browsers, the entire operating system, or even the network router, will you opt to block websites. Here’s how websites can be blocked.

Be it your mobile or computer there are different ways by which you can block websites. Be it your Computer or Mobile, below we have listed some of the best ways on how to block a website in chrome.

How To Block Any Website On Computer

The DNS system that converts easily to recall (and type) names such as into identical IP addresses( is one of the Internet’s backbones. Your computer also has something called a HOSTS file that can have this information stored locally, when you use DNS servers to get to websites. This can be utilized to disable access

  • Make sure you have access to an administrator on your computer. Use an official account to connect to your PC and go to C:WindowsSystem32driversetc
  • Double-tab the file named “hosts” and choose Notepad from the programs’ list to open the file. Select OK. The host’s file’s last two lines must-read “# localhost” and “# ::1 localhost”.
  • If you can’t edit a file, just right-click the hosts-labeled file, and then pick properties. Click the Security tab, pick an account from the administrator, and then click Edit.
  • Choose the account again in the pop-up and check Complete control. After that click Apply > Yes. Now click OK in all pop-ups.
  • You should use the website’s addresses to the block at the end of the file. To do this, add a line to at the end of the file, and then the name of the domain you wish to block, which will redirect the name of the website to your local computer.
  • For example, if you want to block Google, just add “” at the end of the file without using any quote marks; you can block as many sites. Remember, you can add only one per line.
  • Continue doing this step until you have added all sites you want to block.
  • Now stop the hosts’ file and tab Save. Now Reboot the computer for the settings to take effect, and all the sites are now blocked.

How To Block Any Website On Mobile

There are many different things on Android that one can do. Users can block websites if you have a rooted phone by modifying a host file on your device to redirect pages you wish to block. The best choice is to use our favorite ES File Explorer software, which helps you to do all things. You’ll need a file manager and a text editor. Here’s how things work.

  • Download File Explorer from ES. Open File Explorer and click the top-left menu button. Tap Local > Computer > Machine > and so on.
  • In this folder, you’ll see a file called hosts – tap it and select text in the pop-up menu. Tab ES Note Editor in the next pop-up.
  • On the top bar, press the edit button.
  • Now, you are updating a file, and you want to redirect their DNS in order to block websites. To do this, just originate a new line and enter “” for every website you prefer to block (without the braces, where the blocked site is the name of the domain you’re blocking). For example, if you want to block Google, you’ll have to type
  • Reboot your Mobile.

If that process is too difficult for you, you can download and install an anti-virus such as Trend Micro that will help you block websites.

  1. Run the app after you install it. Go to Options > Safe surfing.
  2. Swipe to Parental Controls now and press the account configuration button. Make an account, and you can see an alternative in the app named Blocked List. Press it and click the Add button. Now add the websites that you want to block. You will not be able to reach these websites on your mobile until it is completed.


Hope the steps mentioned above are enough for you to block a website on your computer or Mobile. We tried to include easy-to-understand steps that are easily understood by everyone. In case if you need more help regarding how to block a website You can also leave a comment below or you can contact us we are available round the clock to support you.

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